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Welcome to Comberton Dental Surgery Kidderminster

At Comberton Dental, we provide high-quality treatment in a friendly environment, treatments including:

What is our Mission?

We are committed to continuing dental education and keeping abreast of the changes in modern dentistry. We encourage preventative techniques - helping you to understand how to maintain the health of your mouth and keep it free of tooth decay and gum disease.

What Areas do we service?

The practice was established in March 1992 as a preventative dental unit to help serve the dental needs of Kidderminster, Bewdley, Halesowen, Droitwich and it's surrounding areas.

We are focussed on the client/Patient relationship and are able to offer treatment to a wide demograph including children who can be particularly nervous and fearful. At Comberton Dental we work hard at developing techniques and skills to help make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Tooth Whitening Special Offer

Tooth whitening special offer is £199.00. £47.50 per phial.

   This will include:

         1st Surgery Visit
            •   Custom Made Tray
            •   Baseline Shade taken to                  establish colour suitability

         2nd Surgery Visit
            •   Fit Custom Moulded Trays
            •   Full Instructions for Application                  and Use
            •   Enough Gel for up to 12                  applications
Extra Gel can be purchased for only £47.50 Per phial for continued use.
If you would like a tooth whitening treatment so that you can get beautiful white teeth, try our special offer.
Teeth Whitening

Everyone´s teeth are different and can vary in colour.
Our natural tooth shade can, over time, discolour and become dull due to stain from certain food and drinks also, from smoking and as a result of ageing.

Our home care whitening system is a simple effective way to achieve a brighter whiter, smile by lightening the colour of your natural tooth. Impressions are taken in surgery along with your current tooth shade.
The trays are constructed at the laboratory (this takes one week). The custom made trays are designed specifically for each patient. The trays are checked and fitted by the Dentist and are worn filled with whitening gel prescribed by the Dentist for short periods (60mins - 90mins) during the day.

Within ten days you will notice a lighter, brighter smile. With our dentists and hygienist advice and guidance we aim to maintain this healthy new smile. A review appointment is arranged, where the shade is re-taken and the results speak for themselves!

To get further details please call us on 01562 751240


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